Le "Domaine"

Our “little eden”

At home, art is everywhere !

We renovated with passion this superb property dating back from the 18th century, with the care of keeping its original charm and add a touch of modernity.

Our daughter, Sophie does bargain hunting and loves to customize. She has beautifully decorated all our rooms and apartments. Sophie is also an artist : you will discover many of her paintings on the walls of the property.

We’ve kept the original stones, french ceilings, oak joineries, marble and mosaics chimneys….

Sophie passionnée par l'art
Cyril cuisinier hors pair

Beautiful and good breakfasts !

As for our son, Cyril, he also has many skills.  He does wood, metal, works and his  also a creative cook.  He can change anything into something beautiful or good !

Beautiful open spaces dedicated to relaxation ...

Lodges, green spaces, garrigue, olive trees, pines… the ideal place to rest up !

Our accommodations for couples

Our accommodations are planned for two.